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Affordable housing isn’t the same.

At CIS Home Loans we are here to set the course straight and dismiss the myth that affordable housing has to look different. This is about giving people a chance to achieve the American dream.

Our goal is to make Homeownership a Reality. We offer two affordable housing programs: Home Turf and Just Home. The CIS Home Loans team’s experience in manufactured housing dates back to the 1970’s.

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Achieve the dream of homeownership with manufactured housing loans from CIS Home Loans. We are the industry’s leading source for a fast and simple financing process, whether you’re a dealer or prospective buyer looking to purchase a chattel property. The application process is easy, online and takes just minutes to complete. Let us help you start moving home today.

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Establish a Retailer Partnership

Are you a manufactured home dealer? It’s easy to help your customers find financing through our retailer partnership program. We deliver an effortless application process and quick response times to help place customers into affordable housing that meets or beats their expectations. You can always count on open communication and a rapid response from our expert team if you ever need any lending assistance or support.

Pre-Qualify for a Chattel Loan

Looking to buy? Our top goal is to see you move into an affordable home that you own. We will work directly with you to secure a chattel loan, whether you’re making a purchase or want to refinance. As a knowledged manufactured home loan lender, our expert team provides all-in-one services that include loan origination, insurance and additional services. You can count on them to guide you through the entire process from start to finish with friendly service and knowledgeable advice.

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Experienced Manufactured Home Lenders

We want to change the way you view mobile homes. Modern manufactured homes provide an affordable path to homeownership and offer many advantages. Due to high structural standards and the use of quality materials, manufactured homes provide you with peace of mind, an opportunity to make a long-term investment and an attractive place where your family can grow.

CIS Home Loans has experience as a manufactured home lender dating back nearly five decades. We’ve been around for a while, helping people in cities and rural areas obtain affordable financing and work toward achieving their version of the American Dream. Let us show you how we can help you move into your new manufactured home with a fast, easy and enjoyable buying process.

Our Manufactured Home Loan Programs

Trying to secure a loan from a manufactured home financing company may seem like a big step forward, especially for a first-time homebuyer. At CIS Home Loans, we offer two loan programs to fit your needs.

Just Home Program

If you’ve found the home of your dreams but don’t own the land you want to put your manufactured home on, CIS Home Loans’s Just Home program is for you. Our Just Home loan program, traditionally known as a chattel loan, is for a moveable piece of property such as your manufactured home. With our Just Home program, you can place your manufactured home on family land or in a manufactured home community and start enjoying life as a homeowner.

Some benefits of choosing us as your chattel loan lender include:

  • Applicants can structure repayments over a range of terms
  • Lower interest rates
  • Option of a fixed or variable rate
  • You own your manufactured home upfront, and it will appear as an asset on your balance sheet


Home Turf Program

For those who own land and need financing to purchase their dream home, our Home Turf program is for you. With our Home Turf program, more traditionally known as land-in-lieu financing, you use your land as a down payment.

Benefits of our Home Turf Program include:

  • Depending on the value of your land, you will have to contribute little to no additional cash to obtain financing
  • You do not need to survey the land or build a permanent foundation to qualify for the loan
  • You have the option to include closing costs, fees and site improvements into your loan to reduce out-of-pocket expenses

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Apply for a chattel loan today. The process is completely digital, and we have some of the most competitive rates on home-only loans and loans for homes plus property. Best of all, you’ll know quickly if you’re approved, so you can start making real-life decisions.

Want to get more information about our home loans for manufactured homes or establish a dealer partnership? View our Manufactured Home Loans page or View our Chattel Loan Information page and you can message us any time day or night through our contact form.

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