7 DIY Home Security Hacks

Your house is one of your most valuable assets and the place where your family lives, which is why it’s important to keep it safe. Follow these DIY security hacks for homes to protect your house without breaking the bank.

Essential Home Security Tips

1. Assess Potential Weaknesses

The first step to take to protect your home is to determine possible shortcomings in your current security. Looking for potential problem areas allows you to identify weak spots before a burglar can exploit them. Then, you can focus your time and budget on the most pressing issues, which saves you money and peace of mind. Start by checking your doors, windows, yard, garage and other entry points.

2. Install Door and Window Alarms

Entry points are the most sensitive parts of your home concerning break-ins. DIY door and window alarms are an inexpensive and effective way to protect against burglars. You can buy wireless alarms at your local home improvement store and quickly install them on door and window frames. These alarms let you know when someone enters your house or opens a window, ensuring you’re aware of who is coming and going at all times

3. Get a Safe

Thieves are usually interested in moving quickly and grabbing what’s available. Make your valuables less of a target with a safe. Most people don’t need a large or expensive vault — you can get the required protection for as little as $100. Store your cash, jewelry, electronics, essential documents and other valuables in a locked safe and keep them hidden in an inconspicuous area of your home.

4. Use Home Security Cameras

Security cameras have taken off in popularity in recent years, and for good reason — they work! These DIY home security ideas allow you to monitor your front porch, yard and other areas inside and outside your home. While security cameras can help law enforcement identify suspects after a burglary, they’re also a powerful deterrent to prevent a robbery in the first place. Installing a security system with motion-detector lighting and alarms is a smart investment for your home.

5. Secure Your Garage Door

Garages are a common point of entry for criminals and a way for them to access valuable tools and cars, plus the rest of your home. Most people overlook garages when integrating home security, but you can take steps to fortify yours against thieves. Keep your garage door closed and, if your house and garage are connected, lock the door between the two. Don’t keep an electronic garage door opener in your car or in plain sight — a thief can use it to easily break-in.

6. Be Smart With Spare Keys

Many people — including burglars — know the most common places homeowners store their spare keys. Instead of hiding your key under the doormat or inside a planter, invest in a lockbox or other strong safe. Install it in an out-of-the-way part of your yard away from the front door to prevent a thief from easily discovering it.

7. Reinforce Patio Doors

Your patio door might appear to be an easy target for burglars who know how to pick a lock. You can improve the security of your sliding doors with a security bar made of metal or wood. When the bar is in place, it’s impossible for anyone to open the door and gain entry to your home through the patio. You can also install a patio door lock yourself for added security.

Get Effective Security Hacks for Your Home

Keep your home safe with these DIY home security hacks. You may also enjoy our article on home safety vacation tips and home heating hacks for other money-saving tips! To learn more about increasing your home security or applying for a home loan, contact CIS Home Loans today.