8 Home Heating Hacks for Winter

In preparation for winter later this year, you’re probably thinking of ways to keep your house warm without going over budget. Learn more about how to cut your heating bill with these home heating hacks.

Money-Saving Home Heating Hacks

1. Make a Meal

Warming up your house can be as simple as cooking a meal with your oven. While cooking indoors in the summer can leave you uncomfortably hot, this winter heating hack can help keep your home toasty when it gets cold outside. However, remember not to use the oven itself to heat your home, such as leaving the door open. Natural gas ovens can emit carbon monoxide, and electric ovens were not designed for space heating.

2. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Many people might not think of fans as a way to keep warm in the winter, but they can do just that. In the summer, the blades spin counterclockwise to disperse cool air. Most fans have a switch that allows you to reverse the direction of the blades, which pushes warm air from the ceiling back into the room to keep you warm in colder months.

3. Put Down Rugs

Heat escapes through poorly insulated floors and surfaces in the winter. Walking on freezing cold tile or hardwood floors on bare feet can be an unpleasant surprise, too! Retain heat and stay warm by putting rugs or carpets on hard surfaces. They’ll insulate the floor, keep heat within your home and make for much more comfortable walks around the house.

4. Reseal Your Windows

Windows are among the most common sources of heat loss in your home. Age and weathering can reduce their ability to retain heat over time. You can avoid this problem with a simple DIY fix by using a caulking gun or other resealing tool to fill gaps around the window frame. You can also use bubble wrap on your windows to reinforce thin glass and keep your home insulated.

5. Insulate Your Water Heater

Your water heater and pipes work hard to deliver hot water throughout your home. When this equipment is exposed, it has to work twice as much to keep your water hot, which wastes energy and drives up your heating expenses. Put insulation around your water heater and exposed pipes to reduce heat loss and lower your energy bill.

6. Make Your Own Draft Stoppers

Drafts coming in from doors with leaks and gaps can quickly lower a room’s temperature. If you’re heating on a budget, you can minimize unwanted air currents with homemade draft stoppers. Use towels or cut a pool noodle in half and fit it against the bottom of your door to block drafts and guard against heat loss.

7. Use Curtains

You can use curtains and drapes to optimize your energy use during the winter months. During the day, especially when it’s sunny, open your curtains to allow natural sunlight to warm up your home. At night when temperatures plummet, close your curtains or drapes to trap heat inside and prevent warmth from escaping out the windows.

8. Run Machines With Full Loads

Your dishwasher and laundry machines rely on hot water to clean your dishes and clothes. Excessive use can increase your heating expenses both in the winter and all year round. To cut your heating bill, limit how often you run the dishwasher or do laundry. Only use these machines with a full load to get the most of your money without wasting energy.

Try Winter Home Heating Hacks

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