Tips for a Smooth Home Loan Process

Entering into a mortgage can be a relatively smooth process. However, borrower frustrations can arise from delays that could have been avoided. Keep these simple tips in mind to stay on track when applying for a home loan:

  1. Complete all required paperwork and avoid leaving unanswered questions
  2. Double check all documents for signatures and completeness
  3. Be sure all parties to the transaction make it a priority to schedule timely appointments with appraisers, inspectors, and the escrow company
  4. Respond as quickly as possible to requests from your loan originator, loan officer, and processor
  5. Familiarize yourself with the rates and programs available to make an informed decision early in the process; this avoids rate and program changes that can lengthen the process
  6. Return all paperwork and disclosures as quickly as possible

Realizing everyone is working toward the same goal—closing your home loan—helps keep the ball moving if problems arise. Should questions or issues arise during your home loan process, call your CIS loan officer at 800-844-4845.