How to Put a Manufactured Home on Land

Manufactured homes are a great option for individuals, couples, and families who want to make their dream of homeownership a reality. You may want to add a manufactured home on land you already own or wish to purchase. However, you will need to meet specific requirements and acquire the necessary permits before placing a manufactured home on any property.

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What to Know Before You Start

Before you purchase your manufactured home, you’ll need to be sure you’re prepared. Consider the following before you start the complex and often lengthy process of putting a manufactured home on your own land.

Where You Can Put a Manufactured Home

A property’s zoning regulations will dictate what you can and cannot use the land for. To place a manufactured home on a piece of property, you need to ensure the lot is in a residential zone. If it’s zoned for commercial use, you will be limited in what you can do.

Residential zoning may also have limitations. According to the Manufactured Housing Institute, some zoning laws may limit or entirely prohibit the construction of manufactured homes on residential land. Check with your local Zoning and Planning Office before buying to verify that you can have a primary residence on the property.

How You’ll Finance Your Manufactured Home

You may also need to find financing for both the home and land purchases. If you’ve already bought the land, be sure to factor in the amount you owe on any relevant debt to ensure you can keep up with both land and home loans.

If you plan to purchase land, you can find lot loans for land purchases or get financing through the owner.

Preparing Your Land for a Manufactured Home

Once you have your own piece of land, there are a few things you need to do to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. These things include:

Land Surveys

When you purchase land, conducting a land survey lets you check for anything that might impact construction. Factors to consider for manufactured home site prep include:

  • Property lines: Even if the site already has a survey with the property lines, it’s good to verify them beforehand. Altering the land outside of your property could have serious consequences.
  • Utilities: Figure out where the nearest utilities are. If the property doesn’t have hookups yet, you will need to arrange for water, sewer, gas, and electric utilities. You may also need to install hookups for Internet and phone lines.
  • Terrain: Terrain considerations include any trees and other vegetation you’ll need to remove before construction begins. Additionally, you will need to conduct a soil report to understand the condition of the ground, including the type of soil present, groundwater levels, and any hard digging conditions. You should research if there are any endangered species in the area that need special consideration.
  • Grading: Most natural land isn’t level, so you’ll need to grade the area where you’ll place the home to ensure proper water runoff. Standing water near or around a foundation can have detrimental effects.


To get a permit to place a manufactured home on your own land, you’ll need to submit an application and any relevant documentation to your local municipality. The required documents will vary based on your location. Many applications require the results of your land survey to verify that your land is properly graded, plus construction plans for the home and foundation.


If you’re placing the home on your own land, you’ll need to install a foundation before the home arrives. You can secure a few different types of foundations for a manufactured home, including:

  • Crawl space foundations.
  • Slab foundations.
  • Pier and beam foundations.
  • Basement foundations.

Placing a Manufactured Home on Your Own Land

If a manufactured home is the way to make your dream of homeownership a reality, consider these steps to placing a manufactured home on your land.

1. Purchasing and Financing

Choosing a manufactured or “prefabricated” home is similar to purchasing a standard home. Research manufacturers and find one with rates and homes that fit your needs. Many companies provide customization options, from paint colors to entire floor plans.

Finding a loan for a manufactured home is complex. You have several options, and you’ll need to understand each to determine if you’re eligible for that type of loan. Home loans for manufactured homes include Conventional, USDA, FHA, VA, Home-Only, Land-in-Lieu.

2. Building

The construction of a manufactured home takes place at the manufacturer’s facility. Depending on the builder and the home’s specifications, the building phase can last anywhere from one month to a year or more. The manufacturer will construct your home according to any customizations and special features you’ve asked for. They’ll then arrange for a preliminary inspection to ensure everything is up to standard before delivery.

3. Delivery

The manufacturer will handle all the planning that goes into delivering your manufactured home. Shipments usually occur by truck, but some companies may airlift homes by helicopter to ensure faster delivery times.

4. Installation

When your manufactured home arrives on your property:

  1. Installers will focus on placing and fastening the home to the foundation.
  2. If there are multiple sections of the home, builders will join those together to form a complete home.
  3. Once the home is in place, workers will connect all relevant utilities.
  4. Finally, workers will perform final installations for flooring and other final touches.

5. Final Approvals

After everything is complete, the manufacturer will take you on a walkthrough of the property to ensure that everything meets your specifications. Once you sign off, an inspector from the city or county will perform an inspection. If the home passes inspection, you will get your keys.

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