Paula Reeves

Ms. Paula Reeves is the President and Co-Founder of CIS Financial Services, Inc. Ms. Reeves is a graduate of Bevill State Community College and a graduate of the University of Alabama, holding a Bachelor of Science in Administration. She started in the mortgage banking industry in 1991 and shortly after co-founded CIS Financial Services, Inc. She has remained with CIS for the last 32 years and has expanded the company to serve on a national level.

In 1996, Ms. Reeves became an FHA DE Underwriter. In 2001, CIS was approved as a Fannie Mae, VA, USDA, FHA Title I/II Seller/Servicer, and Ginnie Mae issuer. This opened up countless opportunities for CIS to expand. In 2015, Ms. Reeves’ company achieved the status of a Tier I FHA Lender.

President NMLS# 97141

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