Jeremy Saylor

Graduated from Miami University of Ohio in 1997 with a BS in General Business. Met my wife in April 1999 and married in 2000. We moved from the Cincinnati area to Western Kentucky in 2001. April being from Western Kentucky (Paducah) area, I really fell in love with the area so we moved there and have resided here for all but about 5.5 years since we got married. Started in the manufactured housing industry in 2003 as a sales coordinator for Fleetwood Homes and became a traveling sales representative in 2004. I have worked for Clayton and Champion also as a wholesale manufacturing sales rep for a total of 16 years in the industry. I spent 3 years in the retail manufactured homes sales side of the industry in Paducah, KY. April and I do not have any children or pets. Our hobbies mainly involve the outdoors doing cycling, mountain biking, running, hiking, and kayaking. We also do yoga classes together and often this is a date night thing for us as opposed to going out to eat.

Account Executive

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