Alec Mickelson

Originally born and raised in Indiana, Alec made his way to Hamilton, Alabama after high school to attend a local ministry where he met his wife in the school of music. After 2 years of school, they felt called to Chattanooga, TN to be a part of another campus of the ministry. While in Chattanooga, he and his wife were a part of the praise and worship team at church and were very involved in the church. Alec then began his career at a police technologies company as a Project Manager and worked with law enforcement agencies in Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, and Georgia. After 3 and a half years in Chattanooga, Alec and his wife felt God was calling them back to Hamilton. After moving back to Hamilton, Alec then began his career with CIS as a sales concierge, and then quickly moved into marketing where he now is Digital Marketing Manager. Alec loves all things marketing, branding, videography, and graphic design. Inspired by the marketing strategies and successes of Apple, he is always looking for ways to “Think Different”! Alec is passionate about his love for Jesus, doing ministry with his wife, and playing the drums!

Digital Marketing Manager

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